8th International Conference on Software Engineering and Applications (SEA 2019)

July 13~14, 2019, Toronto, Canada

Accepted Papers

    New organisational models that break silos in organisations to enable software delivery flow
    Prof Josef J. Langerman and Mahlomola Motingoe
    Faculty of Science, University of Johannesburg Johannesburg, Gauteng, South Africa
    Software development has played a significant role in the evolution of organisations and society. The need to derive more business and social value from information technology investments has never been greater. Organisations are looking for new approaches to meet overall business objectives and technical expectations, while optimising software delivery, at reduced cost and overall risk. However, alarming obstacles exist that prevent organisations from continually evolving and achieving software delivery efficiency. One such obstacle is organisational silos and, because of their existence, corporates fail to fully integrate their software development activities to enable multiple teams to jointly develop, test, implement and maintain new applications more effectively and efficiently. Therefore, this paper aims to investigate how organisational silos can be broken down to enable software delivery flow

    Organisational Silos, Software Development, Agile-at-Scale, Distributed Leadership; Lean Software Development; System Thinking